Maximizing the Benefits: Water for Oral Health

Water: Benefits of Drinking for your Oral Health

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There are many benefits from drinking water other than improving your physical health.

Water just may be the best beverage for your teeth. Just like saliva, water helps wash away sugars and acids from your teeth. It is consists of fluoride, a mineral that safeguard against tooth erosion and is found in toothpaste and some mouthwashes.

Fluoride occurs naturally in water (including some bottled spring water) and can be found in most tap water in the United States. The benefits from having fluoride in your water is that it battles against dental cavities, it strengthens tooth enamel and remineralizes teeth damaged by acid. Thus promoting a stronger, healthier teeth and less cavities.

Unfortunately, the majority of bottled water contains little to no fluoride. As a matter, fluoride may even be dislodged from water during the filtration process. Bottling companies and home filtration systems remove sediments and impurities from the water as well. So if you prefer bottled or filtered water there is a simple solution, you can always buy fluoride drops or tablets that infuse your water with the right amount of fluoride.

So just remember the next time you reach for that soft drink, your teeth would be much more grateful if you opted for some water.

Prevents Staining
Some foods and drinks are capable of staining your teeth. Foods like berries, candy, deep-colored sauces and drinks such as coffee can stain your teeth. If you allow these foods or drinks to remain in your teeth for long, they are capable of staining your teeth. Swishing water in your mouth several times will be helpful in flushing away the staining elements of these foods or drinks.

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