Dental Implants Better Option for Teeth Replacement

Dental Implants Better Option for Teeth Replacement

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Dental implants make one look younger which a person may not look due to aging or some dental disease. These are some facts which every dental patient must know. You may not be having any dental work in the future but the added knowledge about dental implants can benefit someone who is contemplating on getting one.

Success and failure of dental implants
The main advantage of teeth implants is that they do not lead to formation of plaque and tooth decay. However, for a more successful implant procedure, dental implants should be cleaned and brushed like natural teeth. It is essential to maintain oral hygiene otherwise one can end up having gum disease.

Dental implants have been found to have a higher success rate that other teeth replacement options. Their success rate is above 90% for over five years. This is mainly due to mandible teeth which is highly dense than maxillary.

People who smoke, however, have high chances of failure of teeth implants. Thus it is necessary to quit smoking when you have dental implants since this is harmful for your health as well. For those who think they find it hard to quit, partial dentures are more recommended as teeth replacement.

The teeth implants can be done on anyone regardless of the age factor, even on elders. Implants do not require any eligibility criteria. The things which are considered are the oral and health history of the patient.

If you are having second thoughts on getting implants because you have weak bones this is absolutely incorrect thinking. If you have weak bones your dentist can do a bone grafting treatment before proving dental implants. Bone grafts provide enough bone which is required for the support of implants.

If you suffer from bruxism – grinding of teeth – dental implants may not be a good choice. This is because teeth grinding will eventually damage the crown on the implants. Even little alteration in their movement affects the whole fusion process.

You should understand that it is important for anyone to maintain good oral hygiene before and after getting dental implants. Since your implant dentist has to do full surgery, you should be sound physically and mentally healthy. If the patient is not in a good health it will be difficult to bear any amount of pain brought about by dental treatments.

Remember that the teeth are the most sensitive part of the body. If they are not given proper attention then you can experience extreme pain. Dental implants require high quality dental technology which adds to its long term success thus it is the more preferred treatment for teeth replacement.

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