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What is Oral Surgery?


When you have severe jaw abnormalities or facial pain that doesn’t respond to traditional treatment methods, your dentist may recommend oral surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have extensive training and experience diagnosing and treating conditions associated with the neck and head. You can feel confident knowing that the specialist who performs your surgery has four to six years of intensive training beyond dental school.

Common Types of Oral Surgery
For many people, removal of wisdom teeth is the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the term oral surgery. This is one of the most common procedures that oral surgeons perform. Impacted wisdom teeth can complicate the procedure, which is why it’s essential for an experienced oral surgeon to perform the extractions. You may also visit an oral surgeon to have teeth removed prior to starting orthodontic treatment.

Dental implants, a non-removable alternative to dentures, require the skill of an experienced oral surgeon to install. When you receive dental implants, your oral surgeon first installs artificial tooth roots and then attaches replacement teeth to the posts once your jaw has healed.

Facial reconstruction surgery is another service performed by these dental specialists. They work with accident victims as well as those with congenital deformities or acquired diseases that distort the face and make it difficult to use the mouth.

While family dentists are usually the first ones to spot an oral tumor or cyst, it’s the oral and maxillofacial surgeon who removes them. It’s especially critical to remove tumors in a timely manner when they contain cancer cells.

Jaw surgery corrects abnormalities of the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. Your oral surgeon first classifies the severity of the deformity and then completes the appropriate procedure.

These are just some examples of oral surgery you may need. Feel free to ask any member of dentist staff for further clarification about any type of oral surgery or facial cosmetic surgery.

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