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Dental Implants Better Option for Teeth Replacement

  Dental implants make one look younger which a person may not look due to aging or some dental disease. These are some facts which every dental patient must know. You may not be having any dental work in the future but the added knowledge about dental implants can benefit someone who is contemplating on…


Where to Find Cost-Effective Dental Services

  When a person is asked if he is healthy, many will be quick to answer: “Yes, I am”, but in reality, how confident are you that you truly are? Health is a very tricky thing and many of those who think they are healthy, often do not know of any underlying condition that they…

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Oral Surgery: What to Anticipate

  It’s common to feel slightly anxious when you learn that you need oral surgery. In most cases, people feel nervous because they don’t know what to expect or they imagine the procedure will be painful. At Gentle Breeze Dental, your comfort is our priority. Whether you’re having a tooth extracted, an oral tumor removed,…

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