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The Best Options To Make Your Teeth Whiter


Your teeth become discolored for a variety of reasons, including drinking coffee, smoking, eating dark-colored foods, and not brushing them often enough. They can also take on a yellow appearance just from normal aging. One of the questions people often ask Dr. Diep at Gentle Breeze Dental is “How to make teeth whiter?” Although over-the-counter remedies do exist, you have a clear advantage when you get your teeth whitened by a professional.

Non-Professional Teeth Whitening Remedies

Most drugstores sell teeth whitening kits or toothpaste that promises to brighten the teeth and improve the smile. These kits can be difficult and messy to use and offer only negligible results. This is what often leads new patients to Gentle Breeze Dental in the first place. They are searching for affordable teeth whitening that actually works. Some people may also try home remedies, such as baking soda and lemon juice, to remove teeth stains.

Choices in Professional Teeth Whitening

Our dental clinic has two different options when it comes to this cosmetic dentistry procedure. You can choose to buy a professional teeth whitening kit from us and complete the process at home. Unlike drugstore kits that can be untested and unproven, the kits we sell contain stronger chemicals that get the job done right.

In-office teeth whitening costs the most, but it also offers the best results. Your session at the clinic lasts approximately 45 minutes. Dr. Diep and his dental assistant treat you with a special curing light and a high-quality bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide and carbamide. The ingredients in our teeth whitening mixture brighten your enamel at the deepest layers, producing teeth that are as much as 10 times brighter than what they are currently.

We encourage you to take advantage of whitening promos to get the smile you have always wanted.

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