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What are the Benefits of Fluoride Applications?

benefits of fluoride

There are different kinds of dental treatments that you can receive from your dentist, and one of the most valuable are those that are directed to the prevention of disease.

Dental disease can progress in different ways and when a person is infected, the disease can manifest on the teeth, the gums or any area of the mouth. When an individual gets his very first tooth, around 6 months, oral health management is begun and this goes on if he wishes to maintain the health and beauty of his smile.

Dental diseases can destroy the patient’s smile and unless you let your dentist give you the right protection, you may not have a chance against disease.

Dental fluoride application is an example of a preventive measure, and like dental cleaning and dental sealants, they are performed to offer the patient some protection from oral disease.

Here’s the benefits of fluoride applications and their forms:

Dental fluoride varnish

The most popular and effective method of administering fluoride is with by using the paint-on method. The dental varnish, often with some staining capacity, is delivered through a paintbrush or any applicable applicator. It is most effective because it adheres perfectly onto the teeth surface so that it absorbs the fluoride so that it can be properly utilized by the patient.

Dental fluoride gel

Fluoride that is in its gel form is administered with a tray. The solution is placed on a ready-made foam or plastic tray and this is brought into the patient’s mouth, and left there for a few minutes so that the teeth can absorb the fluoride and benefit from its effects.

Dental fluoride supplements

Fluoride is also available in supplements. Taken in like regular vitamins, supplements are prescribed to patients who are believed lacking in the necessary fluoride levels.

Dental fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes

The most readily available, yet weakest concentrations of fluoride can be found in toothpastes and mouthwash. Deemed effective when administered on a regular basis, toothpastes and mouthwash can provide patients with a healthy dose of fluoride to help their teeth.

Preventive measures offered by dentists are taken seriously because they are designed to protect patients from disease. When necessary fluoride in acceptable doses are properly supplied, the patient can enjoy the following benefits:

It can resolve varying degrees of xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome which is often a condition that leads to the rampant development of dental caries and disease.

For patients that are prone to decay, their health can be improved by fluoride applications because it will make the teeth stronger and therefore less susceptible to bacterial attacks that will lead to decay.

For patients who are undergoing dental treatments or for those who have received various prosthetics and appliances: braces, dental crowns, bridges and implants, frequent applications of fluoride will help maintain the health of the teeth and the tissues that support these appliances.

For patients who experience frequent episodes of teeth sensitivity, it may have something to do with their teeth, like perhaps it is not strong enough to offer protection. In such cases, fluoride can effectively reduce teeth sensitivity and even resolve the development of white spots.

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