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Affordable Dentures in Port St. Lucie


Affordable Dentures in Port St. Lucie

Many people are unaware of how much living with missing teeth affects them. Perhaps you can relate to hesitating to smile, placing your hand over your mouth, or feeling self-conscious when you meet people who don’t know about your dental health problems. However, tooth loss presents more than just emotional discomfort. It can also cause your other teeth to shift into the open spots, leaving all of your teeth misaligned. This can cause ongoing pain and problems with your bite. The good news is that Gentle Breeze Dental offers several options for affordable dentures in Port St. Lucie.

Are Removable or Implant Supported Dentures Best for You?

Not too many years ago, full or partial dentures were the only options that people had to replace missing teeth. While removable dentures definitely serve a purpose, patients had many complaints about them as well. Some of the most commonly reported problems include:

  • Dentures slipping out of place when patients speak, laugh, or chew food
  • Inability to eat certain foods due to fear of damaging the dentures
  • Full dentures can make speech sound unnatural
  • Having to remove the dentures every night and the extensive care required for upkeep

Patients who like the ability to remove their dentures and who normally have difficulty cleaning their teeth may do better with traditional dentures. Those who prefer a permanent, non-removable solution for their tooth loss should consider the benefit of dentures supported by implants. Some of these include:

  • Replacement teeth supported by permanent implants tend to look more like natural teeth.
  • Implanted dentures help to prevent bone loss and facial sagging in addition to discouraging premature aging.
  • Superior bite quality
  • Since implants are installed individually, you won’t have a piece of plastic over the roof of your mouth as is necessary with traditional dentures. This increases comfort as well as your ability to taste everything you eat more fully.

Contact Us to Discuss Affordable Dentures in Port St. Lucie

Gentle Breeze Dental is prepared to work with you to make your new dentures as affordable as possible. Please contact us to discuss insurance, payment, and treatment options or to request an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Diep looks forward to returning your confident smile and excellent oral health.

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