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Keeping Infected Teeth With Root Canal Treatment

  Root canal treatment is concerned with eliminating infection from the root canals of teeth and restoring the supporting tissues back to health. Its main purpose is to save teeth that have been so badly damaged by decay, fracture, abscess, etc. that usual dental procedures cannot fullfil. A root canal treatment removes the infected or…

root canal after care

Post Treatment Care: Root Canal

Root canal procedure is mostly given to patients who experienced an extensive damage to their teeth. Usually the damage has reached the tooth’s pulp thus causing pain and swelling around the affected tooth. Instead of extracting the tooth, the dentist would try to salvage it by performing a root canal procedure. During the process, the…


Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment? Root canals have gotten a bad rap over the years as being extremely painful. Even though the procedure relieves pain rather than causes it, some of the myths about it remain. While some people experienced more pain in the past, advances in dental technology make it no more uncomfortable…

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